A Book of Shaders


March 2018 — now


Personal Project

Teach the development of shaders through storytelling.


This project is different from everything I did before. I aimed to create something unique, something that ignores the principles of human-centered design and is purely build upon the content it conveys. No grid, no conventions, no Roboto. See the final product.


» The youngest kids tried to squeeze themselves through the legs of the crowd of adults, attempting to get a seat where they could see her. Wrangling for the frontmost place on the floor, looking up from time to time, to the woman sitting on a fur against the wall of the bunker. Everyone wanted to make sure they still preserved a decent distance between them and her. A few hours ago a group of colony hunters found her outside. No one knew how she could have survived the radiation, but the lumps covering her body made clear her story must be truthful: she experienced the world before the apocalypse. When the strange spheres she described as Motus could be controlled and represented the resource of energy for all of humanity… «

The Book of Shaders

I admire the power of shaders, so little code to generate complex generative artworks – it amazed me from the first second. The website "The Book of Shaders" helped me a lot in learning this language. I enjoyed the little interactive blocks the site integrates to let the user grasp the topic and learn one crucial thing about shaders: it is all about trial and error in the beginning.

Like learning any new language, repetition is vital. I created a medium that embraces this fact. One that would help others in staying committed. To learn repeatedly, by taking part in a compelling story. Each week another chapter will continue said story, with new challenges, pieces of training and a ton of shader magic to stay motivated.